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Stage Bill Program “Break-a-Leg” and “Shout-Out

Theatre superstition warns that you should never wish a performer “Good Luck” because it may have the opposite effect. Instead we say “Break-a-Leg” to outwit fate. Sending a Break-a-Leg note is a great way to recognized your shining star and now we’re offering you the opportunity to place your special note of congratulations in our Stage Bill show programs.

For just $10, you can recognize your favorite performer with up to 15 words in the show program! For $20 you can recognize your favorite performer with up to 15 words and a photo.

  • Instructions:
    • First please fill out the following form
    • Second purchase your Break-a-leg/Shout-Out message by selecting clicking select options and following the prompts to add it to your cart. This is below the form. Please also note: Payments can be dropped off in an envelope by cash, check – made payable to MVCT at rehearsals, or preferably via our website below.
    • Please note your text will appear exactly as you submit however we reserve the right to refuse any submissions that are inappropriate
    • Submission deadline to be included in the show program is July 1. There is NO REFUNDS if information is not provided by deadline.

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